What to Consider When you are Buying Skateboard Shoes


If you are a skater, it is a must to have skate shoes and the following tips will help you to choose the right shoes that will give you stability, grip, and protection during your sessions.

The first and crucial thing to consider when you are looking for skate shoes is durability. A good pair of skate shoes is made from durable material such as action leather to offer maximum durability. Therefore, you may want to search for skate shoes that have strong and thick rubber soles especially on the outside toe area.

A quality skate shoe will offer protection to your foot and knee so that you can perform some tricks without getting injuries. Also, look out for skate shoes that have extra layers on the heel as well as the toe cap.

Skate shoes are made from different materials including suede, synthetic, action leather and full-grain leather. Most shoes are made out of leather or suede because they have are strong and provide a good grip. Hence, your choice of a skate shoes should depend on the grip and durability of the material used to make it.

It is of utmost importance that you purchase your shoes from stores that will guarantee you quality products. Check their online reviews to get to know what their customers have to say about the services and products of the prospective company at sportconsumer.com. You may also want to check their return policy in case you purchase a shoe that does not you fit you well. Besides, be sure to check details of their shipping as some companies will offer you free shipping.

If it is your first time trying out a new pair of skater shoes, ask the seller to provide you with a shoe size chart that shows the sizes of different skate shoes. You want a pair of skater shoes that will be comfortable to avoid causing injuries to your feet. Also importantly, wear skating socks that are appropriate for the skating shoe.

Apart from the material used, take a closer look at the shoe and ensure that it is well stitched and not glued. Stitched shoes will offer extra protection and they are highly durable compared to shoes that have just been held together by glue. For more facts and info regarding skate shoes, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/workout-clothes/s.

Nowadays, skating shoes are designed with extra cushioning and padding to prevent cases of heel bruising and causing pressure on the ankle. If the shoe is thin-soled, the extra cushioning will provide more impact in order to absorb shock during the movement.

Another thing to look for is the sole of the shoe, whether it is vulcanized or cupsole. Vulcanized soles are thinner, flexible and they feel great to skate in while cupsole is bulkier in order to offer protection during drop-offs in gaps. Know more here!


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